Enders Falls

On a balmy January day, we went to explore Enders Falls in West Granby, Connecticut. ┬áThe parking lot is very easy to find off of Route 219 (if you are heading west, it will be on your left) with a sign by the road that states “Enders State Forest” . The trailhead is easy to locate as were the falls – not far from the parking area.

Ice Falls

We were fortunate to have such wonderful weather and there was still plenty of ice on the flowing water. The paths are easy to navigate but do require some care and climbing on the rocks and leaves.


We spent several hours exploring the ice-covered falls as well as the many moss covered ledges. This location offers so many wonderful photo opportunities from scenic to macro details. We highly recommend adding this to your list of local areas to visit.




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Martha Rice Written by:

Martha loves road trips, photographing and exploring the greater New England area, with an eye for Macros.

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  1. May 25, 2016

    Enders Falls is the best collection of falls I have found in the state. Four of the six falls are among the best single drop falls in the state! Yet they are all along a quarter mile stretch of the river.

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