Lose 15 pounds in 30 Days (live!) week 3

Monday September 26th Day 15

9:00 Egg & Cheese Wrap

340 Cal, 10c, 50p, 9f

1:00 Ham & Cheese Wrap

3:00 Fiber One Bar

5:00 Kirkland Protein Bar

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

9:00 Coors Light

Daily Totals-

1420 Cal, 87c, 137p, 36f

Tuesday September 27th Day 16


Ouch!! I think this is a holdover from my bad weekend. We will see tomorrow!

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar
10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners

5:00 Cheese, Fiber One Bar, and Chicken

430 Cal, 18c, 39p, 25f

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

Daily Totals-

1320 Cal, 115c, 138p, 51f

Much better day, feeling like I’m back on track!

Wednesday Sept 28th Day 18


 8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners
5:00 Grilled Chicken wrap 

8:00 BBQ Chix Flatbread Pizza


540 Cal, 42c, 56p, 18f

This is a recipe I created, we love them! Use one of the wrap I’m always using as a crust, a thin layer of BBQ sauce, the lightest shredded Mozzarella you can find ( this one was 90 Cal, but I’ve found them as low as 60 Cal per serving, and this uses 2 servings), precooked chicken breast, and whatever veggies you want. Bake at 420 for about 15 minutes! 

Daily Totals- 

1580 Cal, 163c, 155p, 48f

 Thursday Sept 29th Day 19


 8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners
8:00 Turkey Breast with Veggies

 340 Cal, 21c, 52p, 3f

Steam fresh veggies are awesome! I cooked some turkey breast fillets and with the potatoes and green beans it was a tasty dinner.

9:00 Coors Light

Daily Totals-

1330 Cal, 114c, 107p, 25f

Solid day!

Friday Sept. 30th Day 20


  8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

Last one! I wasn’t a big fan. I’ll be trying (and reviewing) a few new ones next week!

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar
  12:00 3 Bar lunch 

550 Cal, 97c, 25p, 15f

I ran out of wraps, so I had a Zone Perfect bar, a Cliff bar, and a Fiber One lemon. Sometimes food is fun, and sometimes it’s just fuel. 

5:00 Chicken

220 Cal, 5c, 38p, 2f

Still out of wraps, so I had some Perdue chicken with Arizona Heat mustard. Great snack!

8:00 BBQ Chicken wrap, Popcorners

480 Cal, 49c, 48p, 12f

Daily totals-

 1580 Cal, 202c, 134p, 40

Saturday October 1st Day 21


9:00 Healthy Waffles

460 Cal, 61c, 43p, 8f

This is the same recipe I use for my healthy pancakes!

11:00 Fiber One Bar

1:00 Ham & cheese omelette 

330 Cal, 8c, 45p, 8f

4:00 One Protein Bar


220 Cal, 24c, 21p, 7f

This was really good! Since I finished the Kirkland bars, I decided to get a variety of bars to try out. This one was really good, and actually tasted like cake ( but a bit dry). Recommended!

7:00 Pizza

660 Cal, 80c, 24p, 28f

We had guests over so we got a pizza, NOT a great choice diet wise, but with a little self control to only have 2 slices it didn’t crush my day! And it was good lol. 

Daily Totals-

1810 Cal, 202c, 135p, 55f

Sunday October 2nd Day 22

Cheat Day!

See you tomorrow, the start of the final week!



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