Lose 15 Lbs. in 30 Days, Live! Week 2

Monday, September 19th, Day 8

On to week 2! Week 1 went well, losing over 6 pounds total. But the last 5 are MUCH tougher than the first 5, so just DO IT!

(See week One HERE )

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners

4:00 Kirkland Protein bar

8:00 Zucchini Lasagna – Homemade

960 Cal, 46c, 82p, 54f

We were gifted a delicious Zucchini Lasagna (where the noodles are replaced with sliced zucchini) and it was awesome! These types of meals can be tough on the diet (it’s impossible to accurately track what is in homemade foods made by others), so I try to keep them to a minimum. By replacing the noodles (pure carbs) with sliced zucchini this makes a MUCH healthier lasagna option!

Daily Totals- 1840 Cal, 161c, 158p, 83f

Tuesday September 20th, Day 9

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar
12:00 Popcorners
2:00 chicken wrap, fries (out)

1000 Cal, 87c, 41p, 24f

I was on a roadtrip and stopped at a restaurant to eat, this was the healthiest thing on the menu. It was awesome, but it shows why it’s almost always (nutritionally) better to bring your lunch.

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

Daily totals-

1640 Cal, 162c, 100p, 42f

Not a bad day! I overcame a bad lunch choice by having an awesome dinner. But you can’t always do that! Many, many meal options are more than your daily targets BY THEMSELVES! So try to plan ahead to achieve success.

Wednesday Sept. 21st, Day 10


Still going, great start to a new day!

9:00 Kirkland Protein bar

11:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

1:00 Meat & cheese time


375 Cal, 1c, 63p, 9f

A good option if you are out is to hit the grocery store! A tub of chicken and 3 cheese sticks was tasty, filling, and full of protein!

7:30 chicken and rice

610 Cal, 42c, 82p, 11f

For dinner I made my Spicy Chicken (see week 1 for the recipe!) on a bed of white rice. So good!

9:00 Coors Light

300 Cal, 0,0,0

Daily totals-

1615 Cal, 94c,  168p, 31f

Great day! By keeping the protein up and the fat down, I made great numbers even with a few beers in there!

Thursday Sept. 22nd Day 11


8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar
12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners
5:00 Met-Rx Big 100 Bar

360 Cal, 50c, 28p, 5f

7:00 Cliff Bar  

250 Cal, 45c, 10p, 5f

9:00 chicken and veggies

550 Cal, 74c, 21p, 19f

Daily Totals-

1850 Cal, 262c, 114p,51f

Not a great day, but not bad either. Our schedule got thrown off and it showed. But tomorrow is CHEAT DAY!

Friday Sept. 23rd day 12

Cheat day! We have a Birthday party to go to tonight, so I moved my cheat day. This is a great way to deal with social events without ruining your diet!

Saturday September 24 Day 13

10:00 Kirkland Protein Bar

3:00 Ham & Cheese Wrap

340 Cal, 23c, 25p, 13f

5:00 Kirkland Protein Bar

8:00 Chicken and Peas

290 Cal, 12c, 53p, 2f

Daily totals-

1010 Cal, 79c, 120p, 39f

Pretty good day, tried to make do with a very different schedule than usual. Doing this post has made me realize that the hardest days for me (diet wise) are the ones out of the daily Monday-Friday routines. 

Sunday September 25 Day 14


9:00 Egg & Cheese Wrap

280 Cal, 10c, 39p, 7f

12:00 Kirkland Protein bar

5:00 Burger & Fries

2350 Cal, 153c, 68p, 151f

Wow! This is why you have to be careful when eating out. We were on an adventure on a rare day off and I had a “cheat day” style meal on a non cheat day. That’s like 2 days worth of calories in 1 meal!

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Eggs and Cheese

160 Cal, 0c, 29p, 3f
Daily Totals-

3170 cal, 207c, 188p, 175f

Wow, today is a great example of how I bad meal can really pile on the calories!

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