Lose 15 pounds in 30 days! (Live!)

This post is going to be a bit different. After an extremely hectic last few months, during which I neglected my diet and exercise, I have gained back 15 pounds from my weight loss last year. This is a shot from May, at 160 lbs. –

And my scale this morning-

 Ouch. So I’ll be doing this a bit differently. My goal is to lose 15 pounds in 30 days or less. Will I succeed? Who knows! You are on this journey with me. I will post EVERYTHING I consume (food and beverages, except water) daily, so we can track it together. If it works for me, will it work for you?  Who knows! But you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Monday, September 12th, Day 1

8:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

140 Calories, 29 carbs, 2 pro, 4 fat

(I will only be posting information about each item once, after that I will just list them)

These are pretty good, and inexpensive if you get them in bulk at Costco.

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham and Cheese Wrap

Wrap only-

120 Cal, 19 Carb, 10 Pro, 4 fat

I LOVE these wraps, they taste great and are really filling.

I usually add 2 oz. of ham, 1 slice of cheese, lettuce, and mustard.

280 cal, 24 carb, 29 pro, 8 fat

And a bag of Popcorners

110 cal, 20c, 2p, 3f

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

I used 2 servings of Perdue Short Cuts for the chicken:

They are pretty good, and although very overpriced, quite handy when you have NO time. They were on sale last week (buy 1, get 1 free) so I picked up a few packs.

I also added peppers, tomatoes, croutons, bacon bits, and fat free zesty Italian dressing.

Totals- 480 cal, 49c,48p, 9f

Daily totals- 1150 cal,151c,83p,28f

Summary- very low on the calories and not quite enough protein, I’ll need to eat a bit more to avoid losing muscle. The biggest problem with crash diet is you can tend to lose muscle mass, which makes it harder to burn fat long term. You can counter this by waiting at least 100 grams of protein a day, more is even better!

Tuesday Sept. 13th, Day 2


Off to a great start! The 1st day of a low calorie, lower sodium diet will almost always have great results, that’s why “cleanse” diets always look impressive. The results are only temporary unless you sustain your diet though, so the harder days are to come.

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

190 Cal., 22 c, 21p, 7f

Not too impressed by these, but I bought a big box so I’ll eat them! I wouldn’t recommend them.

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners

5:00 Chicken Wrap

320 Cal, 23c, 44p, 8f

I needed something between lunch and a late dinner, so I had a wrap with chicken and a little mustard. It was a quick, healthy snack with tons of quality protein.

8:30 4 scrambled eggs with cheese

380 Cal, 1c, 32p, 26f

Having a little extra fat in a meal is ok, as long as it’s balanced by having less carbs. (That’s the main reason Atkins works). I personally don’t like a low carb diet long term, I have tried it (and lost weight) but felt extremely sluggish.

Daily totals- 1420 Cal, 119c, 130p, 56f

Much better day! This is right around my targets. I will be posting workouts and other information as well, and condensing down my common meals to avoid a lot of repetition. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, Sept. 14th, Day 3


8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar

12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners
5:00 Chicken Wrap

6:00 Fiber One Baked Lemon Bar

90 Cal., 18c, 1p, 3f

These are awesome little snacks, and since they are high in fiber they are more filling than they would appear.

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

Daily Totals:

1610 cal, 192c, 153p, 43f

Still way under 2000 Calories, and lots and lots of quality protein, solid! Is anyone else joining me on this challenge? Leave some comments!

Thursday, September 15th, Day 4

the 1st day of not losing weight. This is normal, but after you know you had a good day it can be a motivation killer. Don’t let it be!

I understand this is why many diets only have you weigh in once a week, I find that makes it harder to stay focused. You can easily make a point for either method.

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar
12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners

(Yes, my weekdays are usually the same, bringing your food with you is one of the BEST ways to stay on track. Looking for food when you are hungry and on a time limit leads to bad choices!)

5:00 Chicken Wrap

8:00 Chicken Parm w. Pasta


This wasn’t the best. I tried tofu angel hair pasta, the full pack was only 20 calories! But I wasn’t impressed. With Purdue breaded chicken breast tenders and a “lite” Pasta sauce (with added onions, peppers and mushrooms), the meal was “ok”, but I will try other pasta options next time.

540 Cal., 53c, 41p, 17f

9:00 Coors Lite

306 Cal, 0,0,0

Yes, beer is empty calories. I’m NOT recommending it as a diet choice. But you don’t have to avoid things you like altogether to lose weight! Planning and moderation are what make it happen.

Daily Totals-

1886 Cal., 174c, 140p, 47f

Friday September 16th, Day 5

8:00 Kirkland Protein bar

10:00 Fiber One chewy granola bar
12:00 Ham & Cheese wrap, Popcorners

5:00 Chicken Wrap

8:00 Healthy Protein Pancakes

(See the recipe here!)
460 Cal, 45c, 43p, 11f

9:00 Coors Lite, Popcorners

Daily totals-

1930 Cal, 186c, 144p, 44f

And tomorrow is CHEAT DAY!

Saturday September 17th, Day 6

Cheat Day! Here’s how cheat day works on this diet plan; no scale, no tracking, no limit. The key is to use cheat day as a “light at the end of the tunnel”. It’s not that you can’t ever eat ice cream again, you just need to wait until cheat day! I’ve found this works great for me. It’s a good idea to plan cheat days around road trips, or parties, or a weekend day, since it’s easier to eat healthy  on a routine.

Sunday September 18th, day 7

9:00 Ham and Egg Omelette

240 Cal, 8c, 27p, 10f

12:00 Cliff Bar

250 Cal, 45c, 10p, 5f

1:00 Smart One Frozen Meal

160 Cal, 13c, 19p, 3f

3:00 Spicy Chicken Thighs


Football food! This was just as good as chicken wings, and about 10 times healthier. I just chopped 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken thighs and pan cooked them with pepper and hot sauce. I used Arizona Heat mustard as a dip, and it was awesome!

540 Cal, 4c, 88p, 16f

8:00 Grilled Chicken Salad

9:00 Coors Light

Daily Totals-

1690 Cal, 74c, 178p, 38f

Another solid day. I was able to get some time in on the rowing machine as well, while watching the game! When time is tight you have to find creative ways to work out!



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