New England Peace Pagoda Leverett MA

The New England Peace Pagoda 100 Cave Hill Road Leverett MA  01054


Cave Hill Road is paved and there is a gravel parking area on the right with plenty of parking spaces.  You are asked to help preserve the natural setting by walking up, however those that are physically unable to walk up the hill are allowed to drive up. There is very limited parking at the top.  A few hundred yards up the gravel road, you arrive at a paved parking area.  Across the parking area is the Meditation Center. We decided to walk to the Pagoda first, before viewing the Center.


“The New England Peace Pagoda is a place for people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together in peace.”

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The Pagoda was built entirely by volunteer labor. It was inaugurated in 1985 and is one of approximately 80 worldwide.  The structure is made of concrete and consists of mirroring staircases leading to a walkway around the dome.  The dome has 4 elevated alcoves each showing a stage of Buddha’s life.

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To the left of the Pagoda, is the New Temple – a place for prayer and living space for the Monks and Nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order.


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To the right of the Pagoda is a reflection pond full of lily pads, water lilies, frogs and fish. Prayer flags and memorial cairns are scattered throughout the garden.  Behind the pond, there is a rock Zen Garden.  Plenty of benches and seating areas to enjoy nature and absorb the peaceful atmosphere.

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At the bottom of the gravel hill, to the right is The Peace Meditation Center.


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We enjoyed our time at the New England Peace Pagoda, the area is beautiful and peaceful.

The Pagoda is open sunrise to sunset everyday. There is a sanican available and plenty of areas for a picnic – keep in mind it is a carry in – carry out facility.

To learn more about the Pagoda – find the website link here

To follow the Peace Pagoda on Facebook – find the page here

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