Healthy Protein Pancakes

Are you looking for a tasty, desert inspired breakfast but trying to eat healthy? Here are some AWESOME chocolate and peanut butter chip pancakes, with fresh strawberries and whip cream, that are still (fairly) diet worthy! It uses 2 cups of Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix (we got it at Costco), 1 cup of liquid egg whites, 1 cup of water, Hershey and Reese’s chips, Cool Whip lite, and fresh strawberries. Only 460 Calories pea serving (this makes 2 servings) and delivers an awesome 43 grams of Protein! And a side bonus, they are REALLY filling! Give it a shot when you are in a “Breakfast for Dinner” mood!


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Scott Peloquin Written by:

Scott Peloquin is a professional photographer, guitarist, and fitness enthusiast proud to live in The 413.

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