Teo’s in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Teo’s in Pittsfield, MA is one of my favorite places for a fun, extremely casual meal. If you are looking for something fancy, this is not your place! But if you want some INCREDIBLE hot dogs (you have to try the works!) and ice cold beer at some of the best prices I’ve ever seen, check this place out! The menu is quite basic, but it’s truly all about the hot dogs here; I personally wouldn’t bother with the other options. And they are a cash only establishment, so plan ahead as this is one place you can’t use your cards. Let us know what you think in the comments!

IMG_8656 rt2

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Scott Peloquin Written by:

Scott Peloquin is a professional photographer, guitarist, and fitness enthusiast proud to live in The 413.

One Comment

  1. charlesf
    June 12, 2016

    They do look good but that can’t be the works, Where’s the relish and sauerkraut? Was that plate just for you or did you share with Martha?
    I know where I want to go to eat next time I get to Pittsfield.

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